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Everything within your cPanel account adds towards your total disk usage. This includes your website files, databases, email accounts and log files. It is your responsibility to keep an eye on your overall disk usage to ensure you don't go over your allocated disk quota.

We will email you disk usage warnings at 80%, 90% and 98% to ensure you receive sufficient warning to effectively manage your account.

To ensure you receive these emails, please keep your cPanel email contact information up to date. You can do this by clicking on the "Contact Information" icon in your cPanel interface. Please note that your Client Area contact email address is different to your cPanel account contact email address. We recommend using an email address that isn't managed by that particular cPanel account.

cPanel - Contact Information

You can check your disk usage in cPanel or your client area at any time. Your disk space usage levels are updated at regular intervals so please keep in mind that it is not a real-time figure.

If your account reaches your allocated disk space quota, you will no longer be able to write any further information to the disk. This will impact various functions such as:

  • You may not be able to log into your cPanel or webmail accounts.
  • Your website can continue to work normally provided that it does not try to request more than your allocated free space.
  • Incoming email may bounce as there is not enough free disk space.

Things you can do if you reach your disk quota:

  • If you haven't quite reached 100%, you may still be able to log into cPanel/Webmail to delete some unneeded files or emails.
  • Log into your account via FTP to delete unneeded files.
  • Upgrade your web hosting plan to one that provides more disk space.
  • Submit a support ticket and we will assist.

The best thing you can is to be pro-active and manage and monitor your disk space quota before it becomes a problem.

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