5 Exciting Developments at Razz Hosting

  • 21st September 2021
We have lots of exciting news to share with you! First of all, we have invested in a new hosting platform to bring you a faster and more secure experience. 1. Web Hosting Plan Upgrades We've listened to your feedback and ideas and we like to implement them where we can. We hope you find the changes below something to get excited ...
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Google Experiencing Issues

  • 16th December 2020
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Scheduled Hosting Server Maintenance

  • 17th December 2018
This announcement is to inform you of scheduled maintenance to the hosting server your website resides on. The reason for this scheduled maintenance is to facilitate security and capacity upgrades leading up to the Christmas and New Year period to ensure your website is running the best it can! During the scheduled maintenance window, website and ...
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LSCache now available on all cPanel web hosting plans!

  • 13th November 2017
LSCache is a server-side page cache built into the LiteSpeed Web Server. Page caches save time and resources, and they do so by storing the full content of dynamically-generated pages so that static copies may be served to the user. A page cache allows the server to bypass the process of dynamic page creation and database queries altogether....see ...
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